Patriots Cut Love

Kyle Love was cut by the Patriots after being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes.  I have several family members and friends that have diabetes, and know the struggles it can cause.  That being said, it is also a disease that can be managed and you can lead a relatively normal life.  There have been some mild grumblings that the Patriots cut Love for having diabetes rather than working out a situation to help him with his newly diagnosed condition.  The Jaguars did claim him on waivers, so he is still in the NFL.

I am happy Love got picked up, but part of me is really interested to have seen what would happen had he not been claimed on waivers.  Now, he can be put on the non-football injured reserve and continue to get medical care and consultation from top class physicians, but I argue the non-football part of this.  Here on in is completely hypothetical and risk being poorly informed, but that is part of the reason I would be interested to see what would have happened.  I know that most if not all NFL players have a playing weight set forth by their team and can be fined for being above or below said weight.  Therefore, can’t Love argue that a high weight requirement was a factor in him being diagnosed with diabetes?  Would he be able to successfully sue the Patriots for cutting him for a disease their requirements may have caused this diagnosis?  I don’t know what the tenure is required to receive health insurance after retirement, but if Love were to retire due to this, could he sue to have the Patriots cover his health bills?  I am no lawyer, but I feel Love would be able to successfully sue for damages.  I understand the NFL is a cutthroat business, and I know their focus is on concussions and other injuries, but had Love not been picked up, maybe there would be a focus turned to the health of the guys in the trenches and more awareness could be brought to diabetes.


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