Thoughts From the Coffee Cup

Is it just me, or is there a lot of hate coming the Dodgers’ way now that they are throwing around money like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels have in years past? It’s not like they are the first team to do it.

As a die hard Dodger fan, it sure is nice to see them with flush coffers after a decade of the Frank McCourt debacle. Is nearly 150 million for Zack Greinke good business? Probably not. I’d like to have seen them take that money and give it to Clayton Kershaw in the form of a long extension, and then get multiple good pieces like Anibal Sanchez, a good lefty out of the pen, and figure out a trade for an upgrade over Mark Ellis at second base. But hey, at least they are committed, as shown by going after the best available player.

So, all you haters, shut the hell up, will you? Most of you are probably Yankee fans anyway.

Kicking It:

Two of my favorite days of the year are when the two Manchester Teams square off in the EPL. I detest them both, but it’s always good soccer.

Sticking It:

I’m tired of the NHL situation already. Los Angeles Kings winger and player rep, Kevin Westgarth has recently stated that the sides are not far apart in resolving the lock out that there should be optimism. I’m beyond caring. My Kings won their cup last year. I don’t care if they ever get a chance to defend it. Dissolve the league and all of you on both sides get real jobs.

Hating it:

Fantasy Football. How on Earth does Matt Ryan have less than 100 yards and no scores in the first half against Carolina? Carolina!!!



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