Bring back decent officials

I know it is easy to pick on the officials, but today was one of the worst officiated game I have ever seen.  It is bad enough after 75 minutes of football a game ends in a tie, but what about the fact two terrible and one questionable decision by the officials may have very well cost the Rams a football game today.  In the first half of the game, the ball was spotted very close to the first down yard to gain.  As is the norm, they brought out the chains and measured.  What they didn’t do was stop the clock.  Nearly two minutes later, they line up to run the next play, clock still running, when the officials stop the clock to review and get the clock right.  Well done…except they didn’t change the time left on the clock.  Final drive of the first half, Rams run a fake punt and work up towards mid-field before the time runs out.  Would have been nice to have that minute plus back.  Then, in overtime, Young GZ kicks a 53 yarder to win it…only delay of game was called.  Now, you may think once the clock hits 0 it is a delay of game, but that is not necessarily true.  The back judge is responsible for looking at the play clock, when it shows 0, he must look down, if the ball is still stationary delay is the call.  When the replay showed the clock right next to the ball, it appeared the clock reached 0 at the same moment the ball was snapped, therefore, I don’t feel delay should have been called.  Then, later in OT, while the Rams are trying to run the hurry up, the official spots the ball 5 yards away from where the runner was marked down, both teams line up over the ball, before the official picks the ball back up and moves it.  Again, the clock runs for a good 6-7 seconds while the officials try to remove their heads from their backsides.  The Rams later complete a pass and get out of bounds just as time expires in 49er territory.  With the time wasted by unexceptable officials, the Rams could have easily thrown a Hail Mary or run a quick out and been in long field goal range.  It is easy to say the officials cost the Rams the game, and there is no telling they would have taken advantage of the two clock mishaps, but regardless, the officials took the chance away.  The NFL never will, especially since they didn’t even admit the officials were wrong in the Seahawks-Packers game earlier this year, but the league office deserves the fans that devoted 4 hours to that game an appology.


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