I have the balls to say it…

Ronnie Lott giving a part of his finger.  Jack Youngblood playing on a broken leg.  Schilling pitching through the bloody sock.  Every hockey player that plays after a puck to the face.  Oh, and even the basketball and soccer players that get up after faking major injury, have nothing on a rugby player for the Warrington Wolves.  In the league championship match, a man, fittingly, by the name of Paul Wood, took a knee to the crotch.  As a guest on the Dan Patrick show, he admitted what many a baseball pitcher has known for some time…cups are more harm than they are worth, that was until the other day.  Wood took a knee to the crotch, one that typically hurts for a few minutes, then the sick feeling in the stomach goes away and a man is just left walking around incredibly cautious.  But after 5-10 minutes, he could tell there was swelling and something was wrong.  However, it is the championship, he wasn’t going anywhere.  Wood’s wound up losing the final, and he even spoke to the press before being taken to the hospital where he has a testicle removed due to the fact it had been ruptured.  On Wednesday, 10/10, he celebrated his birthday, and his son presented him with a gift.  Having been told his father had to go to the hospital to have one of his peanuts removed, Woods received a single peanut M&M from his son as a birthday gift.  Now, there are plenty of jokes that can be made in this situation, and here at The Stain, we have the balls to make them too…see what I did there?  But I am going to do it a bit differently, I will categorize them, by sport, and then with some random jokes. Here we go.
Sack Youngblood stays in the game.
Take him out of the ball game, take him away from the crowd, buy him a new peanut you crackerjacks….
{Really, the biggest “injury” overcome was Jordan with the Flu, like you can even compare any testicle injury with the NBA, that would be an insult to testicles}
He is back out there, he is a hockey (er…rugby) player.
What a ball striker
One and not done
He really went Ball out.
He is gonna take his ball and go home.


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