Fearless Derby Forecast

Matt Kemp is dominating this homerun derby. You know Dodger fans are liking this. They desperately need their slugger back and healthy. Kemp just hit another one out of the yard!!! One more, and he will clinch the derby!!! Wow, what a blast that was!!! Here’s the pitch… and it’s hammered!!! Goodbye!!! Kemp is jumping up and down with his teammates and…oh no… his leg just folded up like a taco… Oooooh, Shaun Livingston on the Clippers a few years back has nothing on this. Oh my… that looks career ending, and the once promising season the Dodgers were looking at is down the tubes…

I actually wrote more, but removed it… because you know, we’re a family friendly blog here… and 27 consecutive F bombs are not family friendly…


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