Failure in Futility

With the Johan Santana no hitter tonight, the Mets have their first in their 51 year history.  A history that includes 3 home stadiums, several world championships, and pitchers like Seaver and Ryan, but it is a man named Johan that gets the first.  This of course leads me to ponder the other feats of futility that you root for. 

1)      Chicago Cubs – Is there anything more fun than making fun of the Chicago Cubs for their century plus without a championship?  I will admit, as a Red Sox fan, I embraced the insults regarding the 86 year drought, until, of course, it ended, and the Sox are tied for the most championships in the millennium.

2)      While the Buffalo Bills never winning a championship is fun to root for in itself, the early 90’s were the best.  Four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl, four consecutive losses, including the biggest lost in the game’s history.  Classic!

3)      William H. Holbert – Who?!?! Glad you asked.  He is the only player in Major League history with more than 2,000 plate appearances without a home run.  Granted he retired in 1888.  Probably the most relevant homerless streak belongs to current Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy, who didn’t homer in his final 2,188 career plate appearances.

4)      David Hale – He set the record of 230 games to start a career without a goal.  He finally scored in his 231st game, and retired last year with 4 career goals.

5)      Charlotte Bobcats – You know you were rooting for it this season, and they didn’t disappoint.  The Bobcats set the record for lowest winning percentage for a single season in NBA history.  So Michael Jordan owns the record for best and worst teams in NBA history.  Congrats.

Those were the first five that came to mind after seeing the Santana game, hopefully we get more feats of futility to root for soon.

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