Ultimate Tazer Ball

Have you ever had the urge to run around an indoor soccer arena with an oversized soccer ball tazing your friends?  Well, you are in luck, there is a new sport out there just for you.  Ultimate Tazer Ball has dubbed itself “The future of sport”, and while I don’t see it becoming the next NFL, it may have a better chance than the epic movie Rollerball.  There are currenlty four UTB teams, with the hope of many more to come.  The current teams are the Los Angeles Nightlight, the San Diego Spartans, the Toronto Terror, and the Philadelphia Killawatts.  Their website shows that they just did an Asian tour, but does not have a schedule for coming matches.  Regardless, a bunch of guys with a giant soccer ball, trying to throw it past a goalie while countless watts of electricity are running through their veins is certainly something to be seen.  I hope they have a match in LA sometime soon, and I would gladly attend and report back on this potential awesomeness.


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