Best Pitcher in Baseball

It is never too early to start talking Cy Young in baseball, is it?  I am here to hitch my wagon to someone that is clearly the best pitcher in baseball today.  I am talking about a guy that is such a horse, he has already put together four starts.  Now, in the four starts, he did have one rough one where he only made it four and a third and gave up seven runs.  But despite that game, his ERA is still just 2.63.  In his other three starts, he has gone 8, 7, and 8 innings giving up a combined one run.  He has walked just two batters all season and has a K/9 over 6 and a WHIP of just 0.80.  He has a short wide body making him appear to be quite durable, and he may or may not have had baby fetus fat injected into his arm, giving it the fountain of youth.  I am of course talking about the one and only, 38 year old, 5’11” 270 lb. on a good day, Bartolo Colon.  His next start is against the Chicago White Sox in the only stadium big enough to hold Mr. Colon in Oakland.  His stat line just may be even better next week.  So join me while you still can, and scream from a mountain top, “I WANT BARTOLO COLON FOR CY YOUNG 2012”.  Thank you!


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