Get rid of the Rooney Rule

Can’t we do away with the Rooney Rule already?  It was a fantastic idea when it was first put into place requiring every NFL team to interview at least one minority candidate for an open head coaching job.  But isn’t that outdated these days?  Are there really any owners that would not give a head coach a shot because he isn’t the right color?  I believe the Rooney Rule is actually causing the Saints to walk a very fine line.  If Bill Parcels agrees to be the interim head coach for the Saints, then it is painfully obvious that the only reason it hasn’t already been announced is they are forced to give a courtesy interview to someone they have no intention of even considering for the job.  When I watch football, the color of the head coach doesn’t even enter my mind.  The Saints need a coach that is looking to only coach for one year and won’t be aiming to take the job from Sean Payton next year.  They need a coach that is not currently on a staff because nobody in their right mind would leave a job to take an interim job.  So the Saints are likely scrambling to find a minority candidate to interview to satisfy the rule.  The Rooney Rule was one of the best rules ever instituted in the NFL, it has been successful, but it is time to remove the rule before it becomes a negative.  Let it take its place in football history while it can still be remembered in a positive light.

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