No Star Game

Remember Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins?  Or Dominique vs. Spudd Webb?  Or even Vince Carter vs. gravity?  The great dunk competitions of all time, pure athleticism and creativity to do something a human has never done before.  Ah, the good old days.  When the stars performed in the dunk competitions, or Reggie Miller and Larry Bird would participate in the 3-point competition.  This year a power forward wins the 3-point competition and 4 guys that might not even be recognized by their own mothers competed in the dunk contest.  Chase Budinger, funny, and ballsy, to jump over Diddy while wearing a White Men Can’t Jump inspired hat.  But the winner of the competition included a dunk over a massive 5’5” Kevin Hart…yeah, totally champion worthy.  Granted, his double dunk over a seated Gordon Hayward was impressive and reminded me of dunk contests past.  Then there was a guy who wears a glow in the dark jersey but wasn’t smart enough to bring in a glow in the dark ball?  And everyone was so impressed with Blake Griffin’s dunk last year.  Really?  He brought out a chorus to sing I Believe I can Fly which was a good touch, but then dunks over the hood of a car.  Not really that impressive, I am pretty sure I could jump over the hood of a Kia.  I would have been impressed if he jumped over the roof.  And everybody gets 2 minutes to complete a dunk?  Remember if you missed a dunk, you missed the dunk, deal with it?  Then the guys went out and pulled off dunks we have never seen before on the first attempt.  But now they put a glorified midget in the way and do the exact same dunk we see in games, and it takes them 54 attempts to get it down.  It is getting ridiculous.  Somebody mentioned, can’t remember where I heard it, a fantastic solution.  Bring the dunk contest to the fans.  Create four geographical brackets.  Hold American Idol style audition process for non-NBA players to compete in each area for a chance to perform in the dunk contest.  The creativity would bring fun back to the dunk contest.  Make the prize for the winning dunker to be a few grand to them, and a $50,000 check to a NBA charity in the dunkers home city.  Couldn’t be any worse than the garbage they throw out there today.  Then came the actual game.  The West squad put up a score in the high 80s…in the first half.  The all-star game is just a 2 hour dunk contest, where the highlights are better than the actual dunk contest, but is still incredibly boring.  I thought the Pro Bowl was bad since the back-up left guard on the worst team in the league gets run at quarterback because nobody shows up, but the NBA all-star game was even worse. 


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