Red Sox add Chris Carpenter

That is right; the Boston Red Sox have acquired Chris Carpenter.  Granted, they had to give up a key member of the two World Series championship teams, but it has landed them a big right handed arm.  Carpenter is, of course, a big righty with an impressive fastball and a biting breaking ball.  He has overcome a number of arm surgeries early in his career, but has proved his health is no longer an issue.  Last season his ERA was under 3 and his K/9 was near 8.  The guy just looks like a pitcher.  He is working on added a pitch or two to his repertoire, but has shown he can be successful with the pitches he already has.  I am of course referring to Chris Carpenter, the middle of the road prospect relief pitcher from the Chicago Cubs as compensation for Theo Epstein.  And blame me for small sample size…which would be a good point, since those stats I threw out there were in 9.2 big league innings.  In those innings he did allow 12 hits and 7 walks, which is actually impressive since his command of the strike zone would make Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn look like Roy Halladay.  For months there was speculation of who the Red Sox would get for Theo, whispers of Brett Jackson hit the rumor mill, which we all knew was a load of bull, but really?  A 26 year old “prospect” that has proven he will be a mid-level middle reliever at best?  It was time to part ways with Theo, but at least pretend to make the compensation worthwhile, at least throw a guy that might spot start from time to time.  But instead Bud Selig played the cruel joke on Red Sox fans allowing websites to throw out a headline that says “Red Sox add Chris Carpenter” just to get a couple extra clicks…oh…wait…


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