Stop the Linalogies

Why is everyone so desperate draw comparisons for the current phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin?  Why can’t we just sit back and enjoy a great story in the sports world?  And if you are going to compare it to something, why does everyone make such horrible comparisons.  Tim Tebow?  Really?  Answer something for me, did you know who Jeremy Lin was before this recent stretch?  If you didn’t answer no, you either just told a lie or you went to Harvard, and if you went to Harvard, what the hell are you doing reading us?  Now, Tim Tebow, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t he arguably the greatest college football player of all time?  So where is the comparison other than the religious ties?  And don’t tell me they both come through in the clutch, because while that is true, Jeremy Lin plays well in the first three quarters as well, which you certainly can’t say about Tebow.  Then you hear the Kurt Warner comparisons.  Ok, this is closer, guy comes out of nowhere after spending time in lesser leagues, gets a chance due to unfortunate circumstances, and comes in to light it up.  Pretty good start, but it is a start.  Kurt Warner is a hall of famer, Jeremy Lin hasn’t even started 10 games yet.  What about Mark Fidrych?  Ok, he made the team after being a non-roster invitee in 1976 and won the Rookie of the Year and two all-star games before suffering a torn rotator cuff and having to retire after just four years.  Maybe, but let’s hope he doesn’t suffer a career ending injury and let’s face it…Lin isn’t insane, he may be the creation of “Linsanity”, but I don’t see him yelling at the basketball before tossing up a free throw.  I have heard John Daly comparisons.  Ok, maybe a bit of a reach here, but Daly did win the 1991 PGA Championship after being a last minute entry after Nick Price dropped out with his wife about to give birth.  But does anyone really want to stick Jeremy Lin with a John Daly comparison?  Torsten and I have discussed this topic and came up with three comparisons of our own.  A Taiwanese right handed Nick Van Exel with hair.  An American Yao Ming only a foot and a half shorter with a jumper.  A different minority Mark Sanchez with more accuracy and a rounder ball.  Those three seem crazy, right?  Well so is trying to compare Jeremy Lin to anyone else.  The great thing about sports is we can get a story like we currently have with Lin.  So please, do me a favor, stop trying to compare him to other stories, and let his stand on its own.  Maybe it only lasts a few more weeks, maybe it lasts an entire career, regardless, comparing him to past athletes doesn’t do him justice.  Just sit back, turn on the TV, and enjoy this great story playing out in front of us.


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