Luis Suarez and Kobe Bryant… People I Can Do Without

I must be the only one who didn’t give a damn. Why are people so surprised over the Luis Suarez non-handshake of Patrice Evra? Enough with the outrage. Everyone knows Suarez is a tosser. It’s not like we saw the Virgin Mary working the corner, or Kobe Bryant putting the team ahead of his personal stats. This should have been expected… And as much as I hate to side with Suarez on anything, if one grown man doesn’t want to shake the hand of another, he shouldn’t have to.
Speaking of Kobe, can he just retire already? It’s one thing to get outplayed by super rookie Jerry Lin after lying to the national media by saying you had no idea what he was accomplishing. But to shamelessly heave up terrible shot after terrible shot in a futile effort to rack up as many points as Lin at the expense of a loss for your team is pathetic. To not hustle back on defense a single time is unforgivable. Then to follow up that “performance” with an equally hideous one against Toronto was criminal.
Shame on the basketball and LA sports media for glossing over the fact that Kobe’s selfishness and greed are what put the team in a position where they needed a last second basket to win against one of the league’s worst teams. When your shooting percentage is in the 30s, you did NOT win the game for your team, even if you hit the last bucket.
And how come you “journalists” didn’t once point out that these opponents, the Knicks and Raptors, were the opponents for two of Kobe’s virtuoso performances in his career, the 81 pointer against Toronto and the 60-something pointer at Madison Square Garden? I cannot honestly believe that I’m the only one who noticed that Kobe was unapologetically trying to recreate those point totals in a pitiful attempt to prove his best days are not behind him. To all of you sports/basketball writers who still sing Kobe’s praises like he’s the same guy who used to care as much about his team winning as he did about his own numbers, shame on you. You’re cowardly brown-nosers and it’s reprehensible that you still cash a paycheck.
And I don’t even like basketball!!!


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