Stay Cute & Shut Up

Who else is shocked that Gloria Steinem hasn’t charged into the media spotlight after Brandon Jacobs’ comments toward Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Giselle Bundchen. The Giants running back reportedly said that Bundchen should “stay cute and shut up” after she was critical of the Patriots receivers late in the Superbowl after some critical drops. Or, has society finally evolved to where someone can call out a stupid bimbo for being, well, a stupid bimbo without having prominent feminists freak out over some perceived slight against all womanhood. One can only hope.
Here’s an idea for a reality tv show. While it can’t be proven, you can assume Bundchen’s tweets had a lot to do with star receiver Wes Welker’s inability to catch a potentially game clinching pass deep in Giants territory late in the fourth quarter. It was a difficult enough play, but the normally sure handed Welker was open and would make that catch probably 90% or more of the time. Let’s have Bundchen run that route and have Tom Terrific whip the same pass to her ten times on live tv, and see if she catches it one single time.


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