Over-reactions to Week 1

Let’s start with something that isn’t an over-reaction…the ceremonies honoring this 10th anniversary of America’s darkest, but most inspiring day, was certainly something to behold.  Lady Antebellum’s national anthem was about the best I have seen since Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl several years back.  We honor all our armed forces and all who so abruptly perished that faithful day ten years ago.

That being said, time to get back to what The Stain is known for and what we do best, making light, making fun, and over-reacting to sports.  Here are my over-reactions to week 1:

Ndamukong Suh – Anyone watch him today?  Pretty sure he is the first black man I have ever seen with a farmer’s tan.

Chargers – Opening kick-off goes for a touch down against you?  Apparently the coverage team wasn’t fixed this off-season.

Cam Newton – Send his bust to Canton, he is the greatest QB ever!!!

Arian Foster – Worst first round pick ever.

Rams – (In honor of Torsten) – Did you see the drops?  Clearly the worst draft ever.  Did you see the injuries? Good thing they had that fourth pre-season game, the third team might have to start week 2.

Colts – Finally the GM has been exposed for the terribleness that has been the way they have run the organization since drafting Peyton Manning.  Everyone is awful without Peyton…and with the neck surgery…time to suck for luck.

Pac-10 – Apparently Harbaugh really does have Pete Carrolls number.

Buffalo – Super Bowl…wait, have we ever won one of those?

Joe Flacco – What was that James Harrison? Not gonna win a Super Bowl?  Suck it!!! (remember the title of this article…over-reactions)

Matty Ice – More like Matty “Christ, another loss in a big game?”

Bengals-Browns – Seriously, who cares?

Fat F*ck Mike Tolbert – If it wasn’t for the Thursday game, I would swear he ate Darren Sproles and stole his nose for the end zone.

Donovan McNabb – I don’t care what the critics say, his 39 huge passing yards prove he is back and will make the Viking forget about the crooked gun slinger, Brett Favre.

Still have two Monday night games and a god amount of the Sunday night game to go, but I believe I have over-reacted enough.



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