Observations from the Bottle

Like most self respecting folks, I was watching the MLB all-star game in the company of a few cold ones last night and noticed a few things.
-Justin Timberlake was absolutely bombed during his interview with Mark Grace, and still somehow managed to keep his language PG and his demeanor funny and charming. Hats off to you, brother.
-Joe Buck is smarter than he gets credit for, evidenced by his witty tongue-in-cheek retort to Timberlake’s ribbing. He’s still a mediocre play by play guy though.
-Tim McCarver is a nice man, or seems to be anyway, but put down the mike. Point out something other than the obvious or call it a career.
-Mark Grace, class personified, is an excellent “sideline” reporter. Eric Karros, love him, but he’s not.
-Bruce Bochy is a great manager, giving Joel Hanrahan first crack at saving the game ahead of the more experienced Giant, Brian Wilson. Hanrahan has had a great year and surely would have shut the door were it not for Starlin Castro’s criminal throwing error on Carlos Quentin’s harmless roller to short.
-Heath Bell is one of pro sport’s nicer guys.
-Wait, Scott Rolen is an all star?
-How is this for irony? The team whose players performed best, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers, might be on baseball’s worst team.
Lastly, I would be remiss to not mention, think Prince Fielder isn’t strong? I’m 90 percent sure, judging by the sound, that he broke his bat on his decisive home run against CJ Wilson. And Wilson, folks, is not a slouch.


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