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Fantasy Smear Campaign: Week 2

What a soap opera this has become. Roger Goodell might lose is job, or he might not. Someone at the NFL did possess and see a copy of “the video.” And Ray Rice is a violent felon who should be in prison. And these, abhorrent, heartbreaking, and surreal as they may be, are the facts. So help me, that’s all I’m going to say on that because my opinion doesn’t matter. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Nor does Keith Olbermann’s or any of the talking heads on AM radio, or ESPN, or anyone in the media. What’s happened has happened, shocking us in the process, and what will happen will happen, probably not shocking anyone.

Moving on to this week in fantasy, if you got these guys, you’re starting them.

QB: Carson Palmer – Obviously not over, say, Drew Brees. But if you snagged him because your first guy is RG3, or maybe even Nick Foles, the match up is right for a repeat of his 300 yard, 2 TD game this past Monday night.

RB: CJ Spiller – They can’t keep criminally misusing him in Buffalo, can they? The Miami defense looked pretty stout against the Patriots in Week 1, but if the Bills get Spiller the ball in space, he can’t be stopped.

RB: Terrance West – Ben Tate is, surprise surpise, out for a few weeks. West is practically a lock for a score against a Ravens defense that isn’t stout. He’s a solid flex play at least. 

WR: Torrey Smith – Eventually, you’d figure Flacco would get the ball in the hands of his most dynamic receiver, one way or the other. I’m feeling over a hundred yards with a long score against Pittsburgh on Thursday. Take it to the bank. Well, maybe not the bank…maybe one of those shady check cashing places that doesn’t ask for ID.

WR: Victor Cruz – Yes, Eli Manning is terrible. But the Arizona defense has taken yet another hit with the loss of John Abraham. Even Arizona’s talented secondary won’t be able to stay on the Giant receivers for as long as it will take the depleted pass rush to put any pressure on Eli. 

TE: Dude, I don’t know. I already pimped Zach Ertz last week. If you have one of the top guys, you’re going to play them anyway. Atlanta looks committed to including Levine Toilolo in the offensive plans, he may be worth a look if you’re the poor sap who just lost Tyler Eifert for a couple of months. 

D: Rams – Don’t get me wrong, Tampa will probably win this one going away, but it won’t be 38-3 or anything like that. It will probably be something like 23 – 9, with one touchdown coming on defense. But the Rams will probably sack McCown a few times and maybe recover a fumble. They’re worth a look if you are seeking double digit point potential and are taking the streaming approach.

If you got these guys, you’re better off sitting them.

QB: Russell Wilson – Don’t misunderstand, Wilson is great. I just don’t see a big game in the cards for him against a defense that won’t be able to stop Beastmode, and his understudy Robert Turbin. Why throw?

RB: Zac Stacy – I’m still a believer in the kid, but until the Rams prove they can throw with Shaun Hill or Austin Davis, they’ll be facing 8 man fronts. That’s something a crappy offensive line is gonna have trouble with. 

RB: Joique Bell – Love this kid too, but Carolina is tough against the run, and only one target for him in the passing game in week 1. Keep him around, just not in the line up this week.

WR: Brian Quick – 7 catches for 99 yards in week one had quite a few people, yours truly included, scrambling for him on the waiver wire. He’ll need to prove it wasn’t a fluke though, before he finds himself in my line up. 

WR: Dwayne Bowe – Yeah, KC is going to have to throw a lot. But it’s gonna be a ton of dump offs to Jamal Charles, and maybe Travis Kelce. DAMMIT, I could have used him for my TE!

TE: Jared Cook – Don’t get fancy. He hasn’t had a good game since week one last season. He’ll have one this season… just nobody knows when, and it’s not worth having him in your lineup waiting for it to happen.

That about does it for Week 2’s fantasy smear campaign. Good luck all.